Applications for the zamak parts practicly cover all sectors of activity. With zamak we obtein very accurate parts, and the life of the mould is noticeably higher than other injected alloys. Zamak also allows to give to he parts a wide range of surface finishing: painting, galvanic coatings...

> Zamak (piezas hasta 2 kgr) :

Zn Al 4 Cu 1, S/N UNE –EN 1774, ISO 301.81= Zamak 5

Composition: Aluminium 4%, Copper 1%, Magnesium 0.05%, Zinc.

Tensile strenght: 32-34 Kg/mm²

Brinell hardness: 95

Density: 6.7 g/cm³

Melting temperature: 386 ºC

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