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  • Inyección de Aluminio (piezas hasta 4 kgr)
    Fabricación para diferentes sectores
  • Aleación de Zamak
    Mayor precisión y vida del molde
  • Aleación de Zamak
    Piezas con diferentes acabados superficiales

Fundiciones Eskoriatza S.L. (FUNDESKO) is a die casting company dedicated to inject aluminium and zamak parts. we have more than 40 years of experience working for many different sectors. 

After the injection, we have machinery to give the parts the surface finishing needed. We can provide vibrated or shot-blasted parts, polished or mounted into special assemblies and withe surface quality level required. We are trying to give a global solution, having the responsibility of the complet process, to send the part finished as the customer needs. We have 10.000 m2 divided into 4 sections: aluminium, zamak, machining and surface finishing. For the aluminium we have machines from 220 Tn to 1.000 Tn. to manufacture parts until 4 kgs weight. Zamak has machines until 125 Tn. In our section of machining with drills and milling machines to make different operations, and the surface finishing is working with vibration systems, shot-blasting machines, drying ovens, automatic polishing...

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